While out in the rain…

While out in the rain Elliot, Ryan and I (Adam) were out scouting locations for future photoshoots with some of the local guys. It was crappy, cold, and the weather just sucked. With camera always in hand, I decided to test the waters on some angles. Despite the terrible liquid falling from the sky I managed to grab this photo of Elliots car still in winter mode. I was reassured by him that the Vossen’s will be back on within a few weeks, looking mean. Shot at the Madison, CT train station in the annoying misty rain, I present Elliots 8th Gen Accord Coupe…Not yet back on Vossens.


Your First Car Vs. Your Current Car

Here is a thing. Fill it out and then tag a friend to do the same.

Your first car?:
Your current vehicle?:
What if any modifications did you have on your first car?:
What if any modifications did you have on your current car?:
First cars nickname:
Current cars nickname:
Issues/Accidents with your first car:
Issues/Accidents with your current car:
Average MPG on your first car (When romping on it/No Romp):
Average MPG on your current ride:
Mod you wanted to do to your first ride but didn’t:
Future mods for your current ride:

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