Look what came in…


Today arrived the first run of our Constitutionally Stanced “CS” Crest Vinyl Decals! They came out pretty good for the first time around.

Interested in one? We only did a run of 50. If you’d like one, shoot an email to connstancect@gmail.com with the subject name “Decal.”

In that nifty text body box, type:

  • @your_Instagram_username if you have one
  • attach a photo of your clean car (if you’d like, we’ll shout it out – Include make, model, year)
  • and give us your actual name & address to mail the decal to!

That’s it! We’ll respond with an email saying it’s on it’s way, if we have any left!

FYI: The Decal measures to fill a 4inch x 4inch square (It is Die-Cut to the crest shape) and is permanent white vinyl with black accents. Can last 2-3 years in direct sunlight!

Hope to hear from you all soon!


-The Constitutionally Stanced Crew

Your First Car Vs. Your Current Car

Here is a thing. Fill it out and then tag a friend to do the same.

Your first car?:
Your current vehicle?:
What if any modifications did you have on your first car?:
What if any modifications did you have on your current car?:
First cars nickname:
Current cars nickname:
Issues/Accidents with your first car:
Issues/Accidents with your current car:
Average MPG on your first car (When romping on it/No Romp):
Average MPG on your current ride:
Mod you wanted to do to your first ride but didn’t:
Future mods for your current ride:

-Constitutionally Stanced